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Unique Phone Numbers/Set Up Your Campaign

Your advertising initiatives can’t wait! Setting up a new campaign begins with a trackable phone number. TrackMyLeads gives you instant access to the phone numbers you need to get your marketing campaign started.

  • Whether you need a number for your local area or for a city across the country, selecting a local number is easy, takes just a minute and phone numbers are ready to be used immediately.
  • If your marketing needs require nationwide exposure, we have thousands of toll-free numbers available – you choose the prefix, and set-up is just a few clicks away.
  • Have a number you’d like to continue using? Ask us how to port your number into TrackMyLeads. There is no fee and no interruption to your service. Whatever it takes, we’re here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which number is better for me, local or toll-free?
National campaigns typically call for a toll-free number that may appeal to a wider populus. Local numbers are best suited for smaller or targeted markets.
How long until I can use my new phone number?
Your new number will be available immediately and attached to your TrackMyLeads account instantly.
How trustworthy are your phone numbers?
Our carrier ages their phone numbers, removing those with high call volume so only clean numbers are made available to our clients.
How long does it take to port a number to TrackMyLeads?
The porting process typically takes 3 – 4 weeks should you decide to move your existing numbers to our carrier. You will not experience any outage or change in service during this time.
Can I port my number away from TrackMyLeads?
We would hate to see you go, but should you decide, your new carrier will facilitate that process and our staff will be available to help.

Track Lead Sources

You have to know your cost per lead to know if your marketing dollars are being maximized. TrackMyLeads easy to read dashboard summarizes which campaigns are producing the most leads, which leads are converting effectively, and how much you’re spending to get that lead.

Unique tracking numbers indicate the marketing source of each incoming lead. Are you using web forms to drive leads? TrackMyLeads can monitor those results and feed leads directly in to your TML account. With precise information, you can make your marketing dollars work for you.


Lead Monitoring & Management

It isn’t enough to make the phone ring, you have to capitalize on the lead and turn it in to a client.

Our customizable lead forms are designed to minimize errors and allow you to guide your employees through the lead conversion process. Lead forms utilize targeted questions allowing for faster and more accurate lead qualification. The lead display page tracks all follow-up actions and communications for a more efficient audit and oversight process. Each action taken on a lead is time/date stamped and readily available for reference and review. If your staff works as a team they can easily pick up where that last member left off. For independent workers, the lead page easily tracks the progress thus far and shows what is still needed to close the deal.

While auditing, Management’s comments, notes and directions can be added directly to the lead page. This is vital information not only for converting leads but ensuring that your potential clients are getting the attention they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can more than one person work on a lead?
Absolutely. You can assign a lead to one person but each user who takes an action on a lead will have their comments time/date stamped with their user id.

How will I know if a lead has been turned in to a client?
Each stage of converting a lead into a client is assignable in TrackMyLeads trough a simple drop-down menu.

How will I know how many leads each of my staff is responsible for?
TrackMyLeads reporting feature provides detailed information on the stages of conversion as well as staff productivity rates.


Call Recording

Incoming calls for each opportunity are recorded and hosted on the lead page. Review recorded incoming calls to qualify leads and maximize your conversions. This is a vital tool for streamlining the management of your sales and supportbstaff as well as for training purposes.

When setting up your campaign, TrackMyLeads will default to record incoming calls. Remember to remain in compliance with applicable local, state and federal call recording laws. You can turn off the recording option should you choose or select the call recording message to informing callers that their call is being recorded.

Please check your current local, state and federal laws regarding call recording before using this feature as some states require both parties to consent to a recorded conversation. To ensure compliance where applicable, TrackMyLeads allows you to enable an automated announcement to incoming calls.


Conversion & Reporting

TrackMyLeads takes marketing one step further with analytics that examine conversion rates from start to finish. With data at your fingertips you’ll never miss an opportunity again.

Whether you’re tracking the productivity of staff or the results of your marketing, TrackMyLeads provides live-time detailed analytics. Chart the progress and conversion of each online marketing site with side-by- side comparison to see where your marketing dollars are performing best for you. Monitor the number of calls received, measure the conversion rate of staff and make smarter, more informed marketing decision with up-to- the-minute data at your fingertips.

Warren R. Lokey

Warren R. Lokey


Organizational Super-Tool

“Track My Leads is an organizational super-tool. Without it we would never have been able to field as many calls and extract as many cases from our PPC campaign.”

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About TrackMyLeads

Track My Leads helps you capture intelligence so you can optimize your marketing and advertising campaigns and convert more leads into sales.


+1 (866) 488-9025
3391 Peachtree Rd NE STE 110 Atlanta, GA 30326


About TrackMyLeads

Track My Leads helps you capture intelligence so you can optimize your marketing and advertising campaigns and convert more leads into sales.


+1 (866) 488-9025
3391 Peachtree Rd NE STE 110
Atlanta, GA 30326