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Is Knowing What Makes Your Phone Ring & Which Calls Convert.

TrackMyLeads Help You Know.

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What is Track My Leads?

Turn opportunities into clients with marketing analytics at your fingertips.

Here’s How it Works:

Unique Phone Numbers/Set Up Your Campaign

Obtaining a unique local or toll-free phone number takes just a minute and is easily done through your TrackMyLeads account. Our call routing capabilities allows you to customize how calls are managed and where they are routed.

Track Lead Sources

Your phones are ringing, but do you know where the calls are coming from? Manage your leads and view analytics on incoming calls for each of your marketing campaigns. Measure which advertising source is producing for you.

Lead Monitoring & Management

Are you effectively converting leads into clients? Is your sales team and support staff closing and turning every opportunity into a lead? Ensure each call turns from a lead to a client.

Call Recording

Monitor and improve customer service by recording incoming calls. Recordings can be used for staff training and customer service.

Reporting and Conversion

Do you know how your leads are being handled? Is  your staff maximizing every opportunity? With real time posting you’ll be able to  capitalize on the individual needs of each lead.

What Clients Say About It

We think it’s great, and so do our clients.

A Powerful Way To Optimize Marketing

“TrackMyLeads is a powerful way for any business to track, measure and optimize their marketing and advertising.”

Robert B. Trussell Jr.

Tempur-Pedic Founder

It Provides Marketing Accountability

“Track My Leads allows me to see how many new clients I have signed up as well as all prospects I need to call back and convert. The recorded calls feature keeps me from forgetting any important details!”

Lindsay D.

Organizational Super-Tool

“Track My Leads is an organizational super-tool. Without it we would never have been able to field as many calls and extract as many cases from our PPC campaign.”

Warren R. Lokey


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Take Control Of Your Marketing.

Track-My-Leads-ImageWhat’s in it for Me?

TrackMyLeads allows you to control your marketing and monitor which of your advertising dollars is producing leads. It’s simple. Log in to your Track My Leads account and purchase a local or toll-free number to use with your online or traditional advertising. Calls for your advertising campaigns are then routed anywhere you’d like while TrackMyLeads monitors where the call is coming from and records the incoming call, sending you email notifications for any missed calls. You will never lose an opportunity because of a missed call again. When you are ready, simply log in to to see detailed analytics for every incoming call including conversion rate and cost per lead.

Over time, TrackMyLeads will clearly show exactly how each advertising campaign is performing and enable you to make smarter decisions about where to spend your advertising dollars. TrackMyLeads also includes an online lead management tool to help you manage your leads and contacts in one place.

When it’s time to add sales support staff, our lead forms minimize employee errors and training costs while tracking all calls from lead opportunity to conversion. Additionally, TrackMyLeads offers Performance Metrics for your entire sales team in real time to streamline the management of your marketing staff.

TrackMyLeads puts advertising results at your fingertips by measuring the effectiveness of your marketing dollars so you can convert more leads into sales and maximize profits. Don’t waste another dollar on ineffective advertising, sign up for your free demo today!